Valenta Loan Processing includes

  • Scenario checks
  • Data entry into CRM
  • Preparing serviceability calculators
  • Ordering valuations
  • Preparing discharge forms and processing
  • Preparing FHOG forms
  • Preparation of compliance documents
  • Suggestions on deal structure
  • Preparation of lender's application on apply online or lender's software
  • Lodgement of the application and supporting documents
  • Daily follow up with lenders until settlement
  • Provide updates to key stakeholders
  • Updating details post settlement

Valenta's loan processing portal

How does Valenta Loan Processing work

Does your business require more
than 5-6 loan's processed per month?

you need a part time or full time dedicated loan processor

you need transactional loan processing

Our online portal features:

  • Send credit guide & other documents to customers
  • Online Fact Find's
  • Request documents online from customer and safely store them in the cloud
  • Retrieve your customer's bank statement data directly from the banks and store it securely
  • Obtain electronic signatures
  • All documents are indexed and easy to find, including TFN removal
  • Responsive web for mobile and desktop
  • Cutting edge apps for Android and iOS

Benefits of our online portal:

  • Save money

    No charge for storing the documents for as long as you need them, subject to fair use.

  • Improve your productivity

    Improve productivity by 30-50% (streamline your workflows, no more chasing documents, reminding clients, gathering emails, scanning documents, redacting TFN's, grouping documents etc).

  • Protect yourself

    Full audit trail and secure storage to show the exact documents and exchanges of information should you ever be audited or questioned.

  • Protect valuable customer information

    Emails and attachments are not secure. Our portal encrypts the documents and stores them in industrial strength cloud servers.

  • Improve customer experience

    Makes it quick and easy for your customers to provide the information you need, so you can get on with processing the transaction. Happy customer = Good Business.

Valenta Loan Processing solutions

Dedicated Loan Processors

Full Time Loan Processor

(40 hours per week)

$ 2,200 /per month

Get Started

Part Time Loan Processor

(20 hours per week)

$ 1,100 /per month

Get Started

Transactional Pricing

Lodgement $150
Lodgement to Settlement $250

Protect your clients & diversify your business

  • Refer your clients to a trusted Financial Adviser
  • Use a white label referral service (your brand, if you prefer)
  • Protect your clients by getting them the right level of risk insurance they need
  • Keep your client's sticky by offer multiple services
  • Referral service provided online via Suitebox
  • Diversify your business
  • Increase your revenue via a referral fee
  • Increase your business valuation via a referral arrangement

Outsource loan processing to grow your business

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) has released some information that you can refer to:

Outsourcing loan processing and Outsourcing to grow your business

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