Valenta paraplanning includes

Pre SoA

  • Sending authorities to Institutions (Super Funds, Insurers etc)
  • Obtaining information from Institutions (Super Funds, Insurers etc)
  • Life Insurance calculations
  • Insurance quote preparation
  • Risk Insurance pre-assessment
  • Preparation of comparison reports (Super, Insurance, Investments, Mortgages etc)
  • Cash flow scenario modelling

Post SoA

  • Preparing of SoA implementation packs
  • Advice implementation


  • Preparing Statement of Advice documents

Why Valenta paraplanning?

  • We are ISO 9001 Certified for paraplanning and ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security

  • We have a team of 90+ paraplanners and growing each month.

  • Our team of paraplanners are highly qualified and are up to with the industry by completing 3 CPD each month.

  • We work with Large Multi-National Dealer Groups as well as several Individual Practices.

  • We work with 4 of the largest national level dealer group practices as well.

  • We have expertise in various software's (Xplan, COIN, Midwinter, Advisor Logic)

How does Valenta Paraplanning work

Does your business require more
than 5-6 SoA's per month?

you need a part time or full time dedicated Paraplanner

you need transactional Paraplanning

Valenta paraplanning solutions

Dedicated Paraplanner

Full Time Paraplanner

(40 hours per week)

$ 2,500 /per month

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Part Time Paraplanner

(20 hours per week)

$ 1,250 /per month

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Transactional Pricing

Risk only SoA $199
Super only SoA $199
SMSF SoA $199
Risk & Super SoA $214
Additional strategies $19
Cash Flow Modelling $20